Welcome to Side Kick Branding.

We make you visible!

Our passion is in helping you enhance your brand's image and set you apart in the market. Unleash the true potential of your brand with our signage installation services.

About Us

SIDE KICK BRANDING is an installation company composed of twelve well trained guys based in Johannesburg. We would like to offer you signage installations services that we do nationwide. We have our own transport system and tools to complete each and every job, also our prices are determined by how much you offer per job. We would like to do all your outdoor and indoor installations big or small with a team dedicated to complete any roll-out in the given time. We believe that every installation has a story waiting to be told, a vision longing to be shared, and a unique identity yearning to be discovered. Our approach blends innovation, and creativity to enhance brands that are not just seen, but felt.


Some of our work


Grab attention and boost your brand awareness with our signage installations

Wallpaper installation

Tired of the dull plain walls? We can help. Our team specializes in wallpaper installations

Vehicle wraps

Yes!! Vehicle wrapping is also one of our many services . We offer only the highest quality vehicle wrapping.

Stage setup

We are quite the team aren't we? take a look at our stage setup


Is your team able to provide services throughout the country?

Yes our team can provide services throughout South Africa, and our neighbouring countries such as (Namibia, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Mozambique, Swaziland). We are based in Gauteng, Johannesburg and don't have branches throughout the country but we provide our services and we provide our own transportation.

How much do charge for signage installations?

Our prices are determined by the job at hand. Just leave the quotation request on our email then we will get back to you.